Review: e.l.f. Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil

Hi Everyone!

I recently got a hold of e.l.f.'s Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil and was able to try it out for the past few weeks. For those of you who are not familiar with e.l.f. (eyes, lips, face) they are a drugstore priced cosmetics brand with hundreds of products ranging from $1-$15.

The Instant Lift Brow Pencil retails for $2.00 and I'll say for that price point it really delivers. I used this on my brows everyday for about two weeks before I decided to write this. In those two weeks I found there were things about it I loved and honestly only ONE thing about it I didn't love so much.

When I first received the pencil here's how it looked:

Firstly, let's cover everything I liked about this pencil. In my opinion the best thing about this is the amount of product for the price. It's $2.00 for .18 grams while MAC's twist up brow pencil is $16.50 for only .09 grams of product. And to be completely honest with you all, there isn't much difference between them performance wise. Their staying power was about equal. Which brings me to my next point:

As I stated earlier, I used this pencil everyday for about two weeks, and everyday when I got off of work by brows were still in-tact! I never noticed and running or smearing. I'd say that's pretty impressive for a 2 dollar pencil. I also LOVE the spoolie that comes at the other end of the pencil. It's super dense and grabs and grooms the brow hairs with ease.

Now, to my one complaint with this. I really wish the pencil itself was thinner/skinnier. When the pencil is brand new (like in the picture above) it's nice and sharp and applies wonderfully. However, the more you use it the more dull it becomes, making it more difficult to get a clean line and application. I understand that any pencil becomes less sharp with each use, but with twist up pencils like this one they need to be skinnier in general to hold a good point even after it's been used many times. Below is a picture of the pencil after a few uses:

As you can see the tip is, like I said, too thick to apply and nice clean line like one wants for filling in brows.

All in all, this is actually a really great pencil. The size is literally the only thing I would change, and even with that you can still create a good looking brow with it.

Go check out e.l.f.'s website now and take a look at all of their products! Or if you prefer to go check out their stuff in person you can also purchase at Target OR on

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