Product Review: SHANY Cosmetics Perfect Canvas Liquid Foundation

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In this post I’m reviewing the Perfect Canvas Liquid Foundation by SHANY Cosmetics. SHANY is a company based out of Houston, TX and they carry an array of makeup products. Everything from brushes to cases to lipgloss to HUGE eyeshadow pallets. A while back SHANY was running a sale site-wide on all of their products so I decided to get some of their foundations to try out. The Perfect Canvas Liquid Foundation is normally $19 but with the sale discount they were $9.50 each. At that price I figured, “What the heck, I’ll give it a try”. So that’s what I did!

In the pictures below I’m wearing shade LW1. I didn’t alter any of the photos, or use a filter of any kind so you can see exactly how the foundation’s coverage is. As you’ll see there are some blemishes still visible as I didn’t use any concealer either.

Perfect Canvas Foundation in LW1 over-top of SHANY’s Foundation Primer

I would say the coverage is medium with a matte finish. You can see there’s definitely no “dewy-ness” to it once applied. The coverage is definitely build-able if you add more layers. You also have to work pretty quick with this as it sets fast once applied to the skin. That’s one thing I will say is good about this foundation is it sets pretty well and doesn’t move once it’s on.

Unfortunately, I feel like there are more cons to this product than their are pros which makes me a little sad as I was really hopeful! My husband purchased my pro case from SHANY and they were great and my new case is great, but sadly, this product just falls short. Firstly, even over the foundation primer it’s still is a little difficult to apply. It doesn’t glide on like I would prefer. It tends to apply a bit patchy (which I think you can see in the photos). A solution for this might be to apply a moisturizer beforehand to allow it to be a little smoother when applied. The only issue with that would be for those with oily skin like myself. I prefer to use something that controls my oil production throughout the day and helps the foundation to last and if I used a thick moisturizer before I applied my foundation I would be a slick, oily mess in a few hours. I like to use my normal skin care a few hours before I apply my foundation to allow it to sink into my skin a bit. You shouldn’t have to slather on moisturizer for a foundation to work better or have better application. A good foundation should be able to do that on it’s own.

Second, is the price point. As I stated before I purchased this foundation at a sale price. It’s normally $19 which, in my opinion, is way too much for how mediocre it performs. If it were always a 7 dollar foundation then I would justify spending the money on it if you were on a budget. But unfortunately it’s just not worth the price.

Lastly, after applying, the foundation is darker than appears in the bottle. Just like how MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid oxidizes once on the skin, this does the same thing.

Colors from L to R: LW1, LC1, MW3, MW4, DC1, DC2

Colors from L to R: LW1 (blended out), LC1, MW3, MW4, DC1, DC2

All in all, this foundation is just OK. Not amazing, and not awful. I will still use it on myself as I won’t let it go to waste but it’s not something I would re-purchase.

I definitely still encourage everyone to take a look at SHANY’s website as they have a wide array of products to choose from and you could certainly find something that would suit you or something you really love!

So check them out!

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My Beauty Tips:


ALWAYS use a primer under your makeup. It will improve wear and extend the life of your makeup for the day.



Slightly outline your lips just outside your natural lip line

and follow with your favorite nude lipstick. This creates the illusion of a fuller lip!


When applying bronzer think about the places the sun naturally hits your face. That is wear you want to apply your bronzer to give you a natural looking false tan.