Review: NYX MICRO Brow Pencil

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If you’ve visited my site recently you will have seen/read (hopefully!) my review on the e.l.f. Essential Instant Lift Brow Pencil. If not, click here and go check it out!

This review though, is on the NYX MICRO Brow Pencil. NYX is an amazing brand with a HUGE selection of really amazing products. They perform incredibly well for their affordable price point. Seriously, go check them out NOW! I purchased this pencil because I wanted to compare it with the one from e.l.f. I’m always interested to see how affordable brands stack up and how well they perform, because like people say, “you get what you pay for”. So, if I can find a great product at a great price point I’m HAPPY! Not to mention, people are always asking for recommendations for good AND affordable makeup. This pencil retails for $10.

(Sorry this photo is a bit out of focus. Camera didn’t want to cooperate with me!)

Okay, enough of my rambling; on to what I think about the pencil!

First thing that stuck out to me about this pencil is the formula. It’s much harder than I anticipated it to be, which is a good thing! This is something you want to look for in a brow pencil. The harder the pencil/formula, the better the staying power and resistance to smudging. Same rule applies to eye liners. Naturally, the staying power or smudge resistance of a kohl pencil (which are SUPER soft) isn’t going to be like a pencil that ISN’T a kohl or has a harder formula. I understand kohl pencils are MADE for the purpose of being “smudge-able” (there’s definitely a time and place for that in makeup! However…) I’m just using it as an illustration. The e.l.f. pencil was very soft in comparison and I did find that with my oily skin it smeared a bit by the end of the day.

Secondly, this pencil has going for it what really bothered me about the one from e.l.f. The tip is SO nice and micro fine, just like the name says. The e.l.f. one just was too thick to get a good clean line. This one does it perfectly.

Normally after listing all of the great things about a product, this is where you would list the cons. But to be totally honest with you, I don’t HAVE anything bad to say about it. And I truly mean that. I personally had NO issues with this product. However, I will say the one thing that the e.l.f . pencil had better than this one was the spoolie. It’s much firmer and more dense. I grabs and grooms the hairs just a bit better, but I’d hardly call that a deal breaker.

Well done, NYX.

Hannah x

My Beauty Tips:


ALWAYS use a primer under your makeup. It will improve wear and extend the life of your makeup for the day.



Slightly outline your lips just outside your natural lip line

and follow with your favorite nude lipstick. This creates the illusion of a fuller lip!


When applying bronzer think about the places the sun naturally hits your face. That is wear you want to apply your bronzer to give you a natural looking false tan.