Review: Cover | FX Mattifying Primer with Anti-Acne Treatment

Welcome back ladies and gents! In this post I’m talking about a product I have been using for about 3 months now and to be completely honest with you, I genuinely have nothing good to say about it. I hate to say that right out of the gate but unfortunately that’s how it is. Normally, when I review something it has both its pros and its cons. However, I can’t say the same thing for this guy.

I was snooping around Sephora back in December right after Christmas and this primer immediately caught my eye. I have an oily skin type and it’s mattifying. Awesome! I have the occasional acne situation and this stuff has anti-acne treatment. EVEN BETTER! I knew I had to give it a try. I had heard a lot of good things about Cover | FX so that’s why I immediately had no hesitations with purchasing this.

Alas, we’re going on 3 months and I have to say I’m EXTREMELY disappointed in this stuff. Even with this “Anti-Acne Treatment” I see no change in the condition of my skin. I mean NONE. And as far as its mattifying capabilities;

They’re ZERO. I might as well not even be wearing a primer.

The 2 things this product has going for it:

1.It smells nice

2.The packaging is attractive

I’m really saddened by this. I really had high hopes. Ah well, on to the next one.

Hannah x

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ALWAYS use a primer under your makeup. It will improve wear and extend the life of your makeup for the day.



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When applying bronzer think about the places the sun naturally hits your face. That is wear you want to apply your bronzer to give you a natural looking false tan.