Friday Favorite: MAC Fleshpot Lipstick

Each Friday I will be highlighting a favorite product of mine. It might be new (or new to ME), it might be old, but either way it’ll be a product I love at the moment!

Today’s Friday Favorite is a lipstick from MAC (another MAC product…shocking! I know…) called Fleshpot. Sorry to feature so much MAC you guys, but MAC was the company that first made me fall in love with cosmetics, so it’s very near and dear to my heart. A lot of their products are my tried and true favs.

I love this particular lipstick because while MAC has quite the arsenal of nudes to choose from (the most popular ones seem to be Myth, Angel, Crème de Nude, and a few others) I don’t hear a whole lot about Fleshpot.

I’m pretty sure this shade used to be a PRO only shade, however, over the years MAC has made a lot of their PRO only items available to regular consumers; this I believe is one of those.

As you can see, it’s a very light pink, nude. It’s kind of a hard one to wear ALL on its own but AMAZING when you pair it with any slightly darker lip liner.

My favorite way to wear it is with Whirl lip pencil (also MAC) and blended in to make a sort of an ombré lip color.

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My Beauty Tips:


ALWAYS use a primer under your makeup. It will improve wear and extend the life of your makeup for the day.



Slightly outline your lips just outside your natural lip line

and follow with your favorite nude lipstick. This creates the illusion of a fuller lip!


When applying bronzer think about the places the sun naturally hits your face. That is wear you want to apply your bronzer to give you a natural looking false tan.